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To Our Customers

As Part III of opening continues the changes in our procedures are as followed

Early Customers


  • We require all customers coming in and out of our warehouse and office space to wear masks at all times.
  • We accept cash, cheque, e‑transfer, or debit card. We do not accept credit cards.
Picking up a parcel


  • We can accommodate both on-site and curbside pickup options.
  • For curbside pickup, we ask that when you arrive at our warehouse to call us at 807-286-2121.
Carrying Parcels


  • You may come on-site to drop off parcels or upon your arrival at our warehouse, you can call us at 807 - 286- 2121 and we will send a staff member out to retrieve your parcels.
  • If you are paying with cash, we ask you make your best effort to arrive with exact change.

At this time, we are fulfilling requests within 5-7 business days from the successful submission of the request.

Before submitting your request form, please read our FAQ and take a few minutes to watch the informational videos. If you are struggling with finding your HS Code, please use or contact the vendor directly. Border Giant does not provide HS Codes in-person, over the phone, or via any messaging platform.

We thank you for your continued trust and support as we continue to build and refine our system to ensure your goods can flow smoothly from the vendor to you.

- The Border Giant Team

Our Pricing Per Parcel


0lbs - 39Lbs


40lbs - 74Lbs



Other Charges Can Include

Commodities that are controlled by CFIA or Health Canada (human food) will be charged an additional $3 fee per item type. This is to cover the extra time it takes to upload required documents.

Reimbursement for the receiving fee of the service you had the parcels delivered to (Ryden's or Grand Portage Trading Post). All parcel receiving fees paid to Ryden’s/Grand Portage on your behalf will be charged to you in CAD with a fixed exchange rate of 1.5000 (i.e. a $3USD charge from Ryden's will be billed to you at $4.50CAD).

HST / GST charged by the Government of Canada on the Imported Goods (when applicable).

Duty Charged by the Government of Canada (where applicable).

HST on our service fee.

Frequently Asked Questions