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Ship Faster,
Better, Cheaper

Get your own unique U.S. address to send and receive shipments. Pick up and drop off in Thunder Bay. We handle everything in between.

Save up to 80% on shipping and have enhanced access to U.S. and International vendors and customers.

How it Works

Signing Up

Sign up for an account

Once you have signed up you will have your own unique US address that you can use to receive or send goods from. Right away you will be able to send goods via any carrier verify your ID, address and sign the USPS 1583 (online or at our office) and you will be able to receive parcels and letter mail through the USPS as well.

Sending Mail

For Sending

  1. Print your FedEx, USPS or UPS postage as you normally would. This can be done through any of your current marketplace systems, or through a shipping vendor like, or Use your new US address as the "ship from" and return address.
  2. From your Border Giant dashboard, enter the shipment information. You can do this manually or upload shipments in bulk using any spreadsheet.
  3. Drop off the shipments at Border Giant's Thunder Bay office. We will transport them to the USA, clear them through US customs and deposit them with the proper carrier. That’s all to it!

** Currently Limited to Shipments $800 USD or less each

Receiving Mail

For Receiving

  1. Use your new U.S. address as your delivery address. Be sure to include the same name (business or personal) that you signed up with, along with the #123ABC assigned to you.
  2. When you know something is on its way, login to your Border Giant account, click on "Import Shipment" and enter the shipment information. You will need to upload an invoice showing the value and vendor information.
  3. When the shipment arrives at our US location it will automatically be cleared through Canadian Customs and delivered to our Thunder Bay Warehouse. You will receive an email that it is ready for pickup, along with the invoice for any duties and taxes collected.

Why Border Giant?

Saving Money

Huge Savings on Shipping

Save up to 80% over Canada Post.

Fast Shipping

Faster Shipping Times

Parcels are often delivered up to 7 days sooner using the Border Giant system.

Free Shipping Supplies

Order whatever you need from USPS, UPS or FedEx and we will get them to you with no charge at all.


Fully Licensed & Bonded

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and registered Commercial Carrier, Public Warehouse, Customs Broker, and Commercial Mail Receiving Agency.


Free Return Processing

Whether you need to return items or a client needs to return an item to you, we will handle the customs clearance and return portion of the Border Giant system for free.

U.S. Tax Free

U.S Tax Free

Because we have all the proper licensing to act as a complete export chain, all of your purchases are legally exempt from US sales tax.

Proud Thunder Bay Business

Unloading Shipment Truck

Over 10K Parcels Exported
for Local Sellers

Since 2018, Border Giant has been developing software to make exporting and importing easier and cheaper for other Thunder Bay businesses and we only expect to keep growing. Our clients include Lovely Body, Waxxed Candle Co. and more. So rest assured, when you’re working with us, you’re dealing with real people and can drop by our Thunder Bay office anytime for some face-to-face customer service.

What Our Clients are Saying

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“Border Giant’s services was a big, pivotal thing for us... We try to source locally as much as possible but there are a few things that we can only get in the US. Border Giant does 1-2 runs per week for us and it’s one less thing for me to have to worry about.”

– Sarah Johnston, Lovely Body

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“Before, I would bring parcels down to the border every week, do the paper work, and pay the export/import fees. Now Border Giant does everything for me.”

– Marc Methot, CARtoons Magazine

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“Importing and exporting is intimidating, but the team at Border Giant isn’t intimidating at all! They make everything easy and so convenient…I never feel like just another customer.”

– Kate Strange, Waxxed Candle Co.

The Border Giant waving from his shipping van

Start Shipping, Faster, Better, Cheaper