Send It!

Ship internationally cheaper and faster with our send it! service.

How it Works

Step 1 Print your Postage

Print Your Postage

Print your FedEx, USPS or UPS postage as you normally would. This can be done through any of your current marketplace systems, or through a shipping vendor like, or Use your new US address as the "ship from" and return address.

Step 2 Enter the Shipment Info into Our Software

Enter the Shipment Info

From your Border Giant dashboard, enter the shipment information. You can do this manually or upload shipments in bulk using any spreadsheet.

Step 3 Drop Off Your Parcels

Drop Off Your Parcels

Drop off the shipments at Border Giant's Thunder Bay office. We will transport them to the USA, clear them through US customs and deposit them with the proper carrier. That’s all to it!

The Parcel’s Export Journey

Business Owner with Parcel and Laptop

Jane, an online store owner, packs up her parcel using free shipping supplies that Border Giant imported for her and prints off the shipping labels from her e-commerce site.

Border Giant Software on Laptop Processing Shipment

Jane then logs into her Border Giant account and imports her sales. This process brings all the required information for the individual shipments into the Border Giant system. From her account, the Border Giant fees will be paid, and the parcel will be cleared into the day’s manifest for Border Giant.

Business Owner Drops off their parcel at local Border Giant Location

Jane drops off her parcel at her local Border Giant location.

Border Giant shipping Van Crosses the US Border

Border Giant clears the parcel through US customs and deposits it with the proper carrier.

What You’ll Need

USPS Form 1583 Illustration

Sign USPS Form 1583

The USPS Form 1583 is a form that authorizes Border Giant as your CMRA (commercial mail receiving agency) to receive mail for you. Our system will auto-fill the form using your account info so all you have to do is sign it with us online or locally.

Photo ID Card

Two Types of Valid ID

One must contain your photo, and at least one must have your current address. See the list of acceptable IDs from the FAQ section below.

Our Pricing Per Parcel

Parcel Illustration


Under 1Lbs

Parcel Illustration


1lbs - 75Lbs

During the BETA test period we will be offering our services for a flat rate of $2 per package (under 1lb) and $3 (1-75 lbs)

Restrictions & Prohibited Items

Please read the following list of items that cannot be brought over the US Border.

Prohibited item animals


Prohibited item drugs

Cannabis, narcotics or drugs of any kind

Prohibited item chemicals

Chemicals, hazardous materials or combustibles

Prohibited item supplements

Dietary supplements

Prohibited item firearms

Firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind

Prohibited item food

Food and beverages

Prohibited item eyewear

Glasses/eyewear (prescription and non‑prescription)

Prohibited item human remains

Human remains (including ashes and hair)

Prohibited item knockoffs

Knockoff or bootleg products that violate copyright laws

Prohibited item medical devices

Medical devices

Prohibited item medicine

Medicine (prescription and non‑prescription)

Prohibited item plants

Plant matter (including seeds)

Shipments cannot exceed $800 USD retail value

As we process section 321 shipments, only shipments under $800 US Dollars are duty free upon entering into the United States.


The Border Giant waving from his shipping van

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