Parcel Pickups
From Ryden's

Save some time, We'll pick up your parcels from Ryden's for you.

How it Works

Step 1 Make an Online Order

Make an Online Order

Use Ryden’s Border Store’s address along with your name or business’ name for your delivery address as shown below:

[Your Name/Business]
9301 Ryden Rd.
Grand Portage, MN 55605

Step 2 Enter the Shipment Info into Our Software

Enter the Shipment Info

When you know something is on its way, log in to your Border Giant account, click on "Import Shipment" and enter the shipment information. Make sure “Ryden’s Border Store” is selected as “Pickup Location”. You will also need to upload an invoice showing the value and vendor information.

Step 3 Pickup Your Parcels

Pickup Your Parcels

When the shipment arrives at our US location it will automatically be cleared through Canadian Customs and delivered to our Thunder Bay Warehouse. You will receive an email that it is ready for pickup, along with the invoice for any duties and taxes collected.

The Parcel’s Journey

Shopping cart holding parcel

An Online Order is Made

laptop displaying shipping truck

Ryden’s Address is Used for Shipping

Shipping van following arrow
Ryden's Border Store with US flag

Border Giant Retrieves the Parcel From Ryden’s

Pickup your Parcel at Border Giant

What You’ll Need


Your Order Invoice

With your invoice, we’ll auto populate the necessary documentation in order to retrieve and clear your parcel through customs.

Parcel with magnifying glass over tracking number

A Tracking Number OR Delivery Confirmation

It is very helpful for us and Ryden's if you can provide a tracking number for the shipment. If you are unable to provide a tracking number for Ryden's pickups, please confirm with Ryden's that your parcel is there.

A Border Giant Account

Signing up takes about 3 minutes and you only have to create an account once.

Our Pricing Per Parcel

Parcel Illustration


0lbs - 39Lbs

Parcel Illustration


40lbs - 74Lbs

Parcel Illustration



Ryden's receiving fees apply in addition to our fees.

Restrictions & Prohibited Items

Please read the following list of items that are prohibited from being shipped to Canada or may require additional packaging and documentation requirements.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited item strong magnets

Strong magnets

Prohibited item dry ice

Dry ice

Prohibited item flammables


Prohibited item firearms

Firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind

Prohibited item radioactive materials

Radioactive materials

icon prohibited spray can

Compressed gases and aerosol products

Controlled Items

Prohibited item liquids

Intoxicating beverages

Prohibited item food


Prohibited item biological materials

Biological materials

Prohibited item knockoffs

Knockoff or bootleg products that violate copyright laws

Prohibited item animals


Prohibited item drugs

Drugs and other controlled substances


For additional details, see Ryden’s Border Store’s Frequently Asked Questions Web Page

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