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In order to help out with the ongoing supply shortage of Children's off the shelf pain medication (ibuprofen and acetaminophen based products), Border Giant Inc. will be offering our services of receiving, forwarding and acting as Customs Broker for personal importations for a fee of 50 cents. As with all imports, the Importer is responsible for ensuring that the product that they are importing is allowed to enter Canada in accordance with all relevant Acts and Regulations. Below we also have a list of local pharmacies and the latest reports of their supply. Check locally first, and if you have any updates, please submit them using the button below.

Requirements for this offer...

  • Applies to children's off the shelf pain medication with ibuprofen or acetaminophen based products as only active medical ingredient.

  • Product must be ordered from a U.S. based online retailer.

  • Applies to brand name and generic products.

  • Applies to Children's products in either liquid, gel or solid form.

  • Offer is valid for shipments ordered to your Border Giant address in Grand Marais, or for pickups from Ryden's Parcel Receiving Service (receiving fees apply)

  • Importer must have a Border Giant account with an agency agreement on file (so we can act as broker for the import). Sign up for free by following the link at, or head directly to


Health Canada requirements for personal importation...

  • Must be exclusively for a child under your care. May not be distributed (even free of charge).

  • Must be equal to or less than a 90 day supply based on directions of use on the label.

  • Importer must be a resident of Canada.

  • Must be in the original retail packaging and have the original label affixed to any bottles

For Health Canada's full guidance document "Brining Health Products into Canada for Personal Use (GUI-0116)" please visit this link ( )

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