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Logistic Software Developers Since 2018

Border Giant makes software that reduces the cost of shipping goods by automating data transmission and processing. The software we developed automates the broker paperwork required for imports and exports, provides automatic tracking updates, invoices and payment receipts, compliance document management, and so much more. We are putting tools typically available to giant logistics companies into the hands of small businesses and online shoppers.

Software Features

Auto Fill forms with Invoice Parsing

Avoid the manual data entry process by simply uploading your shipment invoice and the Border Giant App will automatically fill out the shipment details.

Invoice Parsing Interface

Register Shipments in Bulk & Search with Ease

Using any spreadsheet you can upload multiple shipments at once and be able to see them all in your shipment history.

Shipment history Interface

Leave HS Code Generation and More to US

Using the descriptions of your shipment items, we’ll generate the proper documentation so that they can abide to all shipping regulations and enable them to be imported and exported as desired.

Parcel Items Interface

Link with Your E‑commerce Platform

Process online orders faster while saving money with Border Giant

Keep Updated with Shipment Tracking Notifications

We provide optional notifications for everything from your shipment becoming validated, to your shipment arriving at its destination.

Hand holding phone showing parcel arrival notification

Ship Smarter,
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